Like many financial advisors, we typically get paid in one of three ways. Fees are critically important.  We make sure each client understands how he/she is paying us. 

1.  Annual percent fee on assets held at MEF: When a client moves assets to be held with our   "custody broker," we are compensated by an annual percentage fee on those assets.  Fees are based on the amount of assets held under managment.

2.  Flat advisory fee: If you wish to obtain our financial advice and planning, but have your assets managed elsewhere, you can pay a flat advisory fee. The amount is based on your situation and needs and typically paid quarterly.

3.  Commission: MEF receives a commission on insurance or mutual fund products where we have a selling agreement.

All fees and commissions will be discussed and agreeed upon prior to the client incurring any charges.  Our initial consultations are always free and without any obligation.  Clients only pay fees once they are comfortable, happy and fully understand the advisiory agreement.