Retirement Income Plans

"I don't want to run out of money."

This is perhaps the most comon statement we have heard since the practice has started.  Planning and generating income in retirement is one of the most important things that we do for clients.  Most importantly, planning an income that will last a lifetime.  As the vast majority of financial plans ultimately lead to a form of "retirement" - income always takes center stage. 




Every income plan is unique to the client.  We look at factors such as

  • Projected annual budget (cost of living)
  • Total iquid assets available to generate income
  • Pensions, Social Security
  • Real Estate income
  • Desire to relocate (downsize or move south)
  • Medical costs
  • Risk tolerance
  • large known expenses
  • plans in retirement (travel)

We customize our income strategies using a combination of some or all of the following potential sources:

Assets we control or directly manage

  1. Dividend income from a balanced and actively managed portfolio
  2. Annuity generated income from fixed or variable annuities
  3. Cash management maintaining a strong cash position for flexibility in retirement

Other income sources

  1. Social Security
  2. Pension
  3. Business buy-out
  4. Real Estate income

We take into consideration all aspects of a client's financial snapshot and provde a customized income plan where the ultimate objective is not allow the client to outlive their assets.  Please contact our office directly to see what kind of plan we can put together for you.