The Main Effort Experience

At Main Effort Financial, Inc. (MEF), we know that in order to effectively develop a financial planning strategy it's important to first understand the depth and scope of each client situation.  For that reason we spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and where they are in their life stage -- family, career, challenges, goals, and aspirations. For business owners, we take the same inventory in seeking to understand their challenges and gain knowledge in their field.   

With each client we endeavor to build effective lines of communication, key to long-term relationships. We first bring a unified team with extensive and varied industry experience and combine that with a system that focuses on communication, support, and access.  In addition to clients receiving quarterly reviews, we provide total access as often as they need us.

We believe that clarity and confidence go hand in hand when working with clients to make sure they have a deep level of understanding and trust in their financial future. 

Our approach is effective and simple: We bring together experts from different sides of the industry to create the financial planning and asset management strategy that is right for you. Whether you are trying to make your business more profitable, determine the best way to fund a child’s education, or fund your retirement, we will develop a plan that is sensible, easy to understand, and addresses your challenges and goals.