Financial Planning

Quarterly Review Checklist

Every quarter each client’s overall plan undergoes our quarterly review checklist. The purpose of the review is to ensure that all managed assets are positioned correctly, in the proper allocation and are synchronized with all other investments and assets. In addition, the client’s overall plan is reviewed in order to ensure that there have been no changes or updates that would require adjustments to the plan. The review is then communicated to the client via phone and or meeting and any necessary adjustments are made. The quarterly review checklist separate from the client comprehensive review and meeting for each client which occurs semi-annually.

  • Changes in specific goals and objectives
  • Changes in employment or income
  • Changes in family situation
  • Asset totals (under management, held away, non-liquid)
  • Consumer debt
  • Total assets committed to retirement
  • Total assets committed to defined purpose (college, new home)
  • Managed accounts: Purpose
  • Managed accounts: % of overall assets
  • Managed accounts: Asset allocation
  • Managed accounts: Variance, identify outliers
  • Managed accounts: Rebalance
  • Beneficiary review
  • Estate plan review
  • Risk mitigation (insurance) review

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