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At Main Effort Financial our goal is to help get our clients to where they want to be.  Whether it is retirement, starting your own business, putting kids through college or buying that vacation home, we can provide the sound and fiduciary advice to help you realize your dreams.  


We specialize in 2 areas:

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Taking you where you want to go™


Main Effort Financial Inc, is a financial services and investment advisory firm specializing in helping individuals, families, and busineses structure a sound financial plan based on the distinguished expertise of its team.  Through its principals, MEF brings to clients extensive experience in financial planning and developing and overseeing investment portfolios.

Founded 2001, MEF works with more than 400 clients and has offices in Massachusetts and Connecticut.  Our mision is to:

  • understand each client's "big picture," challenges, complexities, and goals
  • develop a pragmatic and customized plan that addresses short- and long-term needs and objectives
  • educate clients aobut how and why the financial plan was structured
  • make sure clients ahve confidence and a high level of comfort moving forward
  • continually update clients as their situation as their situation and the market changes 
  • be accessible to our clients whenever they need us